Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian

Rujukan dan Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan SPA akan kami kongsikan didalam artikel ini. Nota dan cara penyelesaian soalan peperiksaan PSEE juga akan kami edarkan kepada semua calon peperiksaan untuk jawatan ini.

Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian

Adakah anda calon Peperiksaan Online Memasuki Perkhidmatan Awam (PSEE) untuk jawatan Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian? Kami ucapkan tahniah kepada semua calon yang terpanggil pada peperiksaan online memasuki perkhidmatan awam (PSEE) kali ini.

Format Peperiksaan Latihan Separa Perubatan Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian

Untuk peperiksaan online kali ini, pihak SPA mengkehendaki calon menjawab 2 bahagian seksyen iaitu:

  1. Seksyen A – Pengetahuan Am
  2. Seksyen B – Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Berikut adalah penerangan setiap seksyen peperiksaan ini:-

Seksyen A – Pengetahuan Am

Dalam seksyen ini, calon akan diuji mengenai aspek-aspek kesihatan umum, sains, sosial dan budaya, pengetahuan am tentang Malaysia dan isu-isu semasa.

Seksyen B– Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris

Dalam seksyen ini, calon akan diuji mengenai kemahiran berbahasa inggeris dengan diberikan pernyataan atau petikan esei dan menjawab berdasarkan pemahaman anda. Soalan lain adalah dalam bentuk penggunaan tatabahasa inggeris.

Jadual Peperiksaan Separa Perubatan Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian

Untuk semakan penjadualan peperiksaan SPA, anda boleh menyemak melalui laman portal SPA8i, melayari Fan Page SPA di Facebook dan menyemak email panggilan menduduki peperiksaan ini.

Untuk peperiksaan yang terkini, pihak SPA akan mengadakan peperiksaan online untuk jawatan ini:-

  • Latihan Separa Perubatan Bertaraf Sijil Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian (Sabah/Sarawak/Semenanjung)
  • Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia
  • Peperiksaan Online Memasuki Perkhidmatan Awam (PSEE)
  • Tarikh Peperiksaan : 13 Julai 2020 (Isnin)
  • Masa Peperiksaan: 11:30 Pagi – 12:30 Tengah Hari

Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian

Untuk membantu anda membuat persiapan awal sebelum menduduki peperiksaan online SPA. Pihak dengan ini, memberikan anda 7 Contoh Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian dalam peperiksaan SPA nanti.

Dibawah ini adalah merupakan 10 Contoh Soalan peperiksaan kefahaman bahasa inggeris exam yang lepas.

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Title : 1Malaysia Concept

Introduced by the sixth Prime Minister of Malaysia on the 2008 as continuation from the ideas of the first Prime Minister. The following was a statement which defined the 1Malaysia Concept:

“We stand, we think and act as Malaysians. And we take actions based on the needs of all ethnic groups in our country. This doesn’t mean that we marginalized affirmative action, which is the policy to help Bumiputeras as long as the policy is executed fairly and due consideration is given to Bumiputeras who qualify to get a certain consideration from the government. We venture out of acting within the ethnic walls which was practiced for a long time”.

This concept is defined through the prioritizing the needs of the people first, people from all layers of the society. It ensures the share of equal benefits and no discrimination. It does not dismiss or revoke the development of Bumiputeras in any way. In fact, the people and the country they live in should achieve a state of recognition. The constitution and the National Principles (Rukunegara) becomes the core as it embraces the society as one reality.

Furthermore, the people has rights and responsibilities for their country:

Malaysia. The objective of 1Malaysia is to restructure the people’s unity and the Malaysian society (national unity) while improving the values and quality of peace and prosperity of life in Malaysia. It breathes a new spirit in a new organization to serve the country that should one way of thinking and one spirit based on the spirit of the Federal Constitution.

The 1Malaysia concept is also revolved around the vision to form an industrious nation and account for the needs of the people regardless of their race or religion. It is to prepare the people of the nation to face any challenges and factors which can threaten and destroy the nation, whether its foreign or domestic.

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The strategy is simple; people first and achievement now. The first strategy is defined as such to put the interests of the people above all else. Achievements are strongly encouraged with the drive to achieve any goals. The impacts of such an excellent outcome which will only result in increased benefits for the people of Malaysia as a whole, without anyone being left out from the country’s development.

In conclusion, this concept deserves a warm welcome by all Malaysians and must be embraced as such that it would drive the people and country forward. It must be further translated in the form of action to give a positive outcome for the people.

1. What is the statement that describe 1Malaysia concepts?

  • A. we are the leader of future
  • B. we stand, we think and act as malaysians
  • C. we observe, learn and success
  • D. we are teh pioneer to the new technology

2. What is the definition of 1Malaysia?

  • A. helping one another
  • B. work toward one mission
  • C. prioritizing the needs of the people first
  • D. follow our leader

3. What are the objectives of 1Malaysia?

  • A. to restructure the people’s unity and society
  • B. improves the values and quality of peace
  • C. improve prosperity of life in Malaysia
  • D. all of above

4. What is the main strategy of 1Malaysia?

  • A. people should follow their leader
  • B. people first and achievement now
  • C. people shall serve for their nation
  • D. people shall get benefit from their country

5. Who shall gain benefits from 1Malaysia?

  • A. leaders
  • B. government
  • C. nation of Malaysia
  • D. foreign countrieS
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Soalan Kefahaman  Bahasa Inggeris Tatabahasa Pembantu Kesihatan Awam

6. The girl was running quickly ____________ the bus station.

  • A. against
  • B. towards
  • C. behind
  • D. forward

7. The plane arrived _________ Kuala Lumpur on time.

  • A. at
  • B. in
  • C. to
  • D. on

Rujukan dan Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Separa Perubatan Pembantu Kesihatan Awam

Untuk makluman, soalan-soalan ini adalah soalan sebenar peperiksaan online PSEE yang lepas. Skema jawapan tiada, dan anda perlu buat penyelesaian jawapan sendiri untuk setiap soalan-soalan daya menyelesaikan masalah ini.

Berita baiknya, pihak kami mahu membantu anda LULUS peperiksaan online setiap kali peperiksaan dijalankan. Sebab itulah, kami sediakan Rujukan Khas Pembantu Kesihatan Awam untuk membantu calon mengulangkaji dengan sebaik-baiknya.

Rujukan utama ini komprehensif untuk persediaan peperiksaan Separa Perubatan. Ianya mencakupi;

  • 49 Nota Ringkas Exam
  • Seksyen A – Pengetahuan Am (157 Contoh Soalan & Jawapan)
  • Seksyen B – Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris (30 Contoh Soalan & Jawapan)
  • Tip dan panduan menjawab soalan peperiksaan
  • Pengetahuan Am kesihatan di Malaysia
  • Maklumat mengenai format TERKINI 2020
  • 150++ muka surat

Untuk dapatkan Rujukan & Contoh Soalan Peperiksaan Pembantu Kesihatan Awam ini, terus muat-turun melalui link dibawah.

P/S: Selepas pengesahan pembayaran dilakukan, link akses untuk muat turun ebook rujukan ini terus diberikan ke email yang anda daftarkan. Tiada pengeposan dilakukan kerana ianya dalam bentuk format PDF! Beli sekarang, anda akan dapat sekarang juga!

Semoga dengan perkongsian Soalan Kefahaman Bahasa Inggeris Pembantu Pembedahan Pergigian ini membantu anda menjawab soalan nanti dengan jayanya.

Kongsikan Dengan Sahabat, Keluarga dan Sesiapa Saja yang Menduduki Peperiksaan Online Ini Agar Dapat Membuat Persediaan Awal Exam Nanti!

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